Dietary and Nutrition

At Brouillette Manor we consider dining as being more than just a meal; we aim to make it a pleasurable experience that you will look forward to every day. The delicious meals are prepared with love and care by our cooks and served directly to your table by our experienced and certified food service workers.

We pride ourselves in caring.  With your health in mind, we offer nutritionally balanced meals with one goal in sight: to help you manage your medical condition through diet and healthy eating. Whether it is about diabetes, heart disease or weight management, your individual needs will be the focus of the plan of care.  Our menus are created by our Food Service and Nutrition Manager in direct collaboration with the Resident Council and are checked and approved by the Registered Dietitian. The menus are on a three-week rotation and changed twice per year to allow for the addition of seasonal food items. Fresh vegetables, grown in our own vegetable garden are offered during the summer. The addition of beverages and snacks make the dining complete.

Brouillette Manor Nursing Home - Pride In Caring

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