Brouillette Manor is a single-level home fully wheelchair accessible. Our south/west end contains 24 beds, all basic accommodation and our north wing contains 36 beds, which are semi-private and private. Each wing has a dining room with large windows and views of the home’s gardens. There is a resident lounge near the front entrance along with a hair salon, activity room, and doors leading out to the fenced back patio.

The patio is surrounded by a raised plantar box maintained by the residents. The home’s kitchen, laundry facilities and nursing station can be found in the south/west wing. There are common areas available for visits, games, watching television, and hosting small family/friend gatherings. Our building was constructed with resident safety as a top priority. There are handrails in all hallways, call bells at each bedside and in bathrooms, grab bars and alarmed exit doors.

Three types of accommodations available:

Ward (Basic Accommodation):

Consists of a 2-bed room or a 1 – bed room with shared bathrooms which are located in the hallways. The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care establish subsidized rates for our residents that qualify.

Semi-Private (Preferred Accommodation):

Consists of a two-bed room and one shared private bathroom.

Private (Preferred Accommodation):

Consists a one-bed room and one bathroom.

Brouillette Manor Nursing Home - Pride In Caring

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